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Samjeong Turbine is professional Turbo Machinery company. Manufacture of Turbo machinery parts, maintenance of Turbo system, design & manufacture of Turbo system products.
Our excellent technologies of research center, specialized factories for maintenance, machining, precision casting, and perfect quality assurance system provides best products and services.Samjeong Turbine is unique “One-stop total solution” provider in Turbo Machinery over the world, and advance continuously. We always consider customer’s satisfaction is top priority.40 years of history, professional Turbo Machinery provider Samjeong Turbine. Please keep an eye on us, Samjeong Turbine will be your trustful partner with improving every moment.

Business Division


We develop and supply ground power equipment, air conditioner and integrated equipment (generator + air conditioner) to support aircraft on the ground.

Gas Turbine

Based on our experience of over 30 years gas turbines OVHR for navy ships and tanks, we have developed our own branded small gas turbine with the accumulated technology. We will develop and mass-produce core parts such as high-pressure nozzles, blades, and diffusers of gas turbines, and continue to develop miniaturized, lightweight, and high-power gas turbines to expand into APU and propulsion units for aircraft, armored vehicles and high-speed vessels.

Turbo Blower

Based on the accumulated technology and production capacity thru
Turbo-Compressor, Turbo-Charger, Gas-Turbine parts, system designing and manufacturing, now Samjeong Turbine is developing and manufacturing world top-class Turbo-blower thru our own Turbo-system research center.

Turbo Charger & Engine Parts

Since 1980, we developed turbo charger for navy ships and tanks starting with the development of the first turbo charger in Korea. We also supply turbine wheel, impeller, nozzle ring for MAN, ABB turbocharger. In addition, we can develop and produce engine parts such as bearings, seals, and gears based on the highest level of casting and machining technology.

Maintenance of Turbo Machinery

Fully experienced turbo system research center and maintenance team check and evaluate all troubles in Turbo machinery, such as surging, abnormal wear, vibration, etc, and provide the best solution.

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