CEO Greetings

Welcome to Samjeong Turbine Co.,Ltd. Website.

Samjeong Turbine realizes dream technology.

SamJeong Turbine Co., Ltd. is Professional Turbo Machinery Company. SJT designs, manufactures and maintain turbo-system products and produces turbomachinery parts. Our excellent research center technologies, specialized factories for maintenance, machining, precision casting, and erfect quality assurance system provides best products and services. SJT is unique ‘One Stop Total Solution‘ provider in turbo machinery over the world, and advance continuously. We always consider customer’s satisfaction is top priority. 40 years of history, professional turbo machinery provider SJT, please keep an eye on us.
We will be your trustful partner with improving every moment.

Mission / Vision


Samjeong Turbine is

providing overall solutions in Turbo Machinery, with the basis of leading design and production engineering
technology and manufacturing capacity of Turbo Machinery.
We will proceed continuously to provide Samjeong Turbine’s service everywhere on the earth.

We will provide Samjeong Turbine’s excellent Total Turbo Solution all over the world.


Technical contribution for innovative performance and efficiency.

We are providing the customer with innovative performance and efficiency by not only manufacturing the turbo charger, gas turbine, turbo blower and etc. on the basis of design for high speed rotating parts, technology of precision casting and precision processing but also maintaining the various kinds of high speed turbo machinery.


Turbo charger

Securing world's best competitveness thrucontinuous Research & Development for medium & large size diesel engine's Turbo-charger parts.


Turbo blower

Gear-drive type, Multi-stage type, High-speed motor type, etc., with all types of product line up, growing to global top market share company in Trubo-blower.


Gas turbine

Securing top competitiveness in maintenance and parts production of gas turbine for special vessel, ground power plant, etc.


Maintenance for Turbo machinery

Securing fastest and most reliable maintenance system in Turbo-machinery of whole industry.



We develop and supply ground power equipment, air conditioner and integrated equipment (generator + air conditioner) to support aircraft on the ground.


Jumping up continuously to be a leading enterprise in the field of turbo machinery.



Creation of value

Creating new value with creative thinking


Limitless innovation

Evolving with continuous innovation


Fulfillment of responsibility

Fulfilling the responsibility whith enthusiasm


Reinforcement of capability

Accumulating the best technology and wisdom with which we can control the world market

Introduction of C.I


The basic concept of C.I.

of Samjeong Turbine Co.,Ltd. is “Great company in turbine application” Therefore the C.I. was developed from the starting of this concept.

Symbol mark

Shape : Turbine application

It was formed by the assembly of Impeller and Rotor which can rotate “三正”(Chinese character of Samjeong) strongly. And also the outer circle is formed by “S” which is the initial of Samjeong Turbine and symbolized as ambition and hope of global enterprise as well.

Meaning : Great company

This mark stands for sky, earth and human(Samjeong(三正)means 3 right things) and also has the meaning of “Great company” that is moving forward in the right direction in order to create the value of customer.



Logotype of Hangul(Korean character) is

expressed by the beautiful and strong curved letter style in which will of accomplishment toward the target,
open thinking toward the change and innovation and flexibility can be shown.


Logotype of English is

expressed by the Denmark Regular letter style in which the reliability can be felt by forming the
excellent quality and technology of Samjeong Turbine.


Color Code

In case more than Black 40%, Wordmark can be expressed as negative.
Expression of negative can be done with various colors such as White, Black 20%(Tone down), Metallic color and etc.


Mid-Long Term Slogan

Mid long term Slogan
  • Jump to the Dream
    Jump with new thinking ! Jump toward the new value ! Jum toward the new future !
  • Let’s our dream com true through the process of change and innovation by jumping strongly step by step toward the target with challenging spirit and power of unity.

Major Customers