Turbo Machinery Design & Analysis

Samjung Turbine Co., Ltd. has the original design ability of turbomachines such as turbine wheel and impeller used in gas turbine, turbocharger and turbo blower, and develops S / W that can design turbine, Strength analysis, and aerodynamic analysis of the turbine.

Gas Turbine & Compressor Design

Gas turbine and compressor design
Gas turbine and compressor design

Rotator Analysis

Aerodynamic Analysis

Vibration & Stiffness Analysis of Rotor
Impeller Analysis

Precision Casting Design & Analysis

Samjung Turbine Co., Ltd. has the ability to analyze and manufacture various precision castings based on the Lost-Wax method. Especially, it is possible to design casting method, texture refinement, unidirectional solidification and single crystal design using Pro-CAST program and has manufacturing ability for various engine parts such as turbine wheel, blade and impeller. In addition, we have our own ceramic core technology, so we also have the ability to manufacture hollow type precision castings including hollow blades.

ProCAST (Casting Analysis)

Casting Simulation : Mold → Injection → Cooling → Coagulation

Casting Analysis

Lost Wax Method

Lost Wax process (12 steps)


Process Picture


Ceramic Core Method

Ceramic Core

[1 Casting simulation]

Ceramic Core

[2 Fix the gating system]

Control Design & Programing

Samjung Turbine Co., Ltd. has the ability to design and manufacture mechatronic systems including inverter, control system design and software programming such as turbine, blower and motor control.




[H/W Design & Production]


[Performance Check & Data Processing]

Casting / Machining Facilities


[Casting Workshop]


[Mold Shop]


[Machining Workshop]

Precision Casting Equipment

[Wax Robot]

[Vacuum Casting]

Atmospheric Melting Furnace

[Atmosphere Casting]


Precision Machining Equipment

3-Aix Machine

[5-Axis MCT]


[Vertical CNC]

5-Aix Machine

[Blade Milling Machine]

[Gear Milling Machine]

Test & Inspection Facilities

Samjung Turbine Co., Ltd. can perform all kinds of tests such as non-destructive test, balance test, spin test, etc. in case of high speed rotator.
In particular, we have the largest domestic 15,000 HP gas turbine load test facility.

Test & Inspection Equipment

[3D Measuring Instrument]

[3D Scanner]


[Moment Weighing Tester]


[Automatic FPI]

Spin Tester Larger

[Spin Tester(Large)]


[Spin Tester(Small)]


[Balancing Machine]