Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine Generator Assembly

Samjeong Turbine has leading technology in overhaul &

parts production of Gas-turbine.

  • Textron Lycoming Co.’s TF-35 gas-turbine used in naval high-speed ship’s propulsion engine had frequent troubles caused by overusing, and navy had spent excessive expenses for overseas repairing. For this reason, Samjeong Turbine took over the project for performing maintenance of TF-35 Gas-turbine and localizing development of the parts, based on its Turbo-charger development experience in 1984. 
  • With the characteristic of Gas-turbine operating in ultra-high-temperature, we developed high-difficulty technologies independently which was never tried before in domestic market, such as vacuum casting for super heat-resisting alloy steel, casting and machining technology for Blade & Nozzle Core with cooling-circuit to cool Turbine-blade and Turbine-nozzle, mechanical and kinetic analysis of whole Gas-turbine system, etc. Then localized whole mechanical parts except electronics, and provided Gas-turbines and the maintenance until those equipments finally retired in 1996.
  • Since then, we experienced maintenance and parts development of various Gas-turbines for such as power-plant, hovercraft, battle tank, etc., and now we have leading technology & system in overhaul and parts manufacturing of Gas-turbine.
  • In 2013, we have developed a proprietary small gas turbine model utilizing the accumulated technology and design capabilities in gas turbine maintenance and parts production.
Small Gas Turbine

Small Gas Turbine Development

ModelSRT 250
Output250 KW, 42,000 rpm
TypeSingle Stage Radial Turbine
CompressorSingle Stage Centrifugal Impeller
GeneratorPermanent Magnet Type