Maintenance of Turbo Machinery 600x300

Maintenance of Turbo-machinery, One Stop Total Service System.
Samjeong Turbine can provide solutions for any problems in Turbo-machinery.

Abnormal system running

  • Fully experienced turbo system research center and maintenance team check and evaluate all troubles in Turbo machinery, such as surging, abnormal wear, vibration, etc, and provide the best solution.

System malfunction and damage

  • Professional engineers find the causes of trouble, and provide solutions to prevent reoccurrence. And thru our specialized maintenance system, damaged parts can be repaired or newly manufactured in short time and creditable way. Even without drawings and only with damaged parts, we can restore them to original states applying our experienced reverse engineering technology.

Overhaul and Upgrade

  • When a machine is worn after using long period, or adjustment for auxiliary system is required, Samjeong Turbine’s system will satisfy customer’s requirements by Turn-key method.

Unique in the world, Turbo-machinery One Stop Total Service System
Best Solution for Turbo machinery troubles.

Consulting & Customized Production of Turbo Compressor 300x300

Customized production for all kinds of Turbo-compressor parts

  • Samjeong Turbine has localized parts for all kinds of imported Turbo-compressors, from small to extra-large, from single-stage to multi-stage, and from air to steam compressor. Thru over 15 years of localization, main parts of most models were localized, and we supply faster than any other suppliers when a customer needs it. Especially in case of emergency situation because of damaging major parts like IMPELLER, SHAFT, BEARING, SEAL etc., we provide quick and accurate repairing or manufacturing services for restarting the plant within shortest time.

Air-pressure system consulting

  • Samjeong Turbine’s turbo system research center has leading technology to find various causes of problems for special type’s air, steam, and gas Turbo-compressors for plants, which is usually hard for user to find real causes like Surging symptom and we analyze whole user’s system to find optimal solutions for the user environment, and even we can re-design user’s system for best efficiency. And including production for extra-large impeller using special material, which is highly difficult to manufacture, we supply various kinds of turbo-compressor parts, too.
Manufacturing & Maintenance of Parts for Customized Turbo Machinery in Special Purpose 300x300

Since 1980s

  • Samjeong Turbine has been producing various customized Pad Bearings and Tilting Pad Bearings for Turbo-charger & Turbo-compressor etc. And in the field of new technology, we have succeeded in developing not only hydrostatic air-foil bearing but also LEAF type dynamic air-foil bearing used for aircraft ECU, thru cooperation with Korea Aerospace Research Institute in 1995. And also we supply hybrid-bearing which is new technology of bearing with much better energy efficiency and durability than any existing bearing type for Turbo-blower.
  • For gear, we produce DIN 3rd~4th class’s ultra-precision gear by using Swiss-made REISHAUER grinder, and measure exact dimensions with German-made CARL ZEISS 3D CMM Gear Measuring Module. These precision gears are being used for our Turbo-machinery system and various customized Turbo-applications, such as MVR and Turbo-blower.
  • Also we produce various kinds of Impellers and Blades over 3,000 sets annually , thru precision casting & 5-axis machining Process. And our certified process by various ship’s classification, atomic power plant, aircraft engine maker and etc., guarantees reliability.
  • Samjeong Turbine is performing maintenance & manufacturing thru our reliable and fast process about all parts for Turbo-machinery, even from bolts to main Rotating part, Bearing system, Housing items. So if customers face any problem, Samjeong’s fast and accurate “One Stop Total Service” will solve immediately.

Maintenance process of imported Turbo-blower


Maintenance and Overhaul Line of Turbo Machinery

  • Samjeong Turbine is the first company for performing Turbo-compressor maintenance in domestic market which is more complex and difficult than Turbo-blower. Now we started to perform maintenance services for Turbo-blower.

Major maintenance products

  • Since we started maintenance business in 1989, most of local big plants such as atomic power-plant, petrochemical, steel industry, food, automotive etc, became customers of Samjeong Turbine.
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of large-size Turbo-machinery for plants: over 1,000 (1989 ~ 2008)
  • Achievements of Turbo-compressor maintenance: over 2,000
    (1993 ~ 2008. Achievements for manufacturing and assembling for major parts such as Impeller, Bearing, Gear, Seal, etc. and Overhaul)