Turbo BlowerBased on the accumulated technology and production capacity thru Turbo-Compressor, Turbo-Charger, Gas-Turbine parts, system designing and manufacturing, now Samjeong Turbine is developing and manufacturing world top-class Turbo-blower thru our own Turbo-system research center.

Customized Impeller Design Provides the Best Energy Efficiency

With customized impeller design & order made machining process, Samjeong Turbine guarantees more than 10% of energy saving compared to other company’s blower.

Shortest Delivery Control System (Average 3 months)

Precision casting, 5-axis impeller machining, super-large Spin Tester, etc, we are fully equipped for Turbo-Machinery parts mass production, and we assure the shortest delivery thru optimal production and quality control system. For general specification, delivery takes 3 months average, and even for special-purpose product, we can manage to deliver within 4 months

Highest Stability and Perfect A/S. (After Service)

Newly-developed blower models of Samjeong Turbine can be introduced to the market only after minimum 1 year of durability test, and after securing stability. And, all blower models of Samjeong Turbine are designed to have easy-overhaul structure, and even for accessory parts, we apply standardized parts so that anybody can do easy maintenance. Samjeong Turbine promises to provide best After Service and technical support for our products anywhere in the world.

Gear Acceleration Type Model

Best Quality Products by  Samjeong Turbine Corporation
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  • Only Offer Free Choice System
    Samjung Turbine Gear Acceleration Type Single-stage turbo blower is optimized for customer’s environment through customized production system as well as excellent efficiency compared to other products to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Samjung turbine’s turbo blowers can be applied to a wide range of options to suit individual customer’s application.
Impeller Production Method5-axis machining / precision casting (roasting wax method / anodizing (anodizing)
Impeller MaterialsAL7075 / SUS630 / TITANIUM / INCONEL
Impeller ShapeBackward Radial
Flow Rate ControlVariable Diffuser / Variable IGV / Variable Diffuser + Variable IGV / Inverter / Inverter + Variable Diffuser
Cooling SystemAir-cooled / water-cooled
Oil PumpElectric Pump / Mechanical Geared Pump / DUAL / Other Scattering Type
Fluid UsedAir, Nitrogen and various other corrosive gas functions
SealingLabyrinth / Carbon / Other specialties in other used gas / Sealing
Voltage RangeMore than 380~440V / 3,300V / 6,600V / 10KV
Design Turbo Blower
  • Design
5 Axis Machining
  • 5-axis machining
3D Measurement
  • 3D measurement
Complete Turbo Blower by Samjeong Corporation
  • Complete
  • Samjung Turbine Customized Impeller
    Unlike other companies that provide operating points of several customers within a specific range as a single impeller for cost reduction, customized impellers are optimized for each operating point for each customer, providing about 10% higher energy efficiency. I can give you. Samjung turbine impeller provides the best efficiency at all times with advanced design tool and advanced foreign manpower aerodynamic analysis.

Specification of Blower (Gear Acceleration Type)

TypeModelPower (kw)Flow Rate (㎥/min)Size
VD Control

Operation range: 45 ~ 100%
Features: Ensures the best efficiency in all areas.

VD Control
VD Control

Operation range: 60 ~ 100%
Features: Ensures average efficiency over all areas.

VD Control

Operation range: 45 ~ 100%
Features: High efficiency at design point, but low efficiency at low flow rate.

삼정터빈 기어종속형모델
삼정터빈 기어종속형모델
삼정터빈 기어종속형모델
삼정터빈 기어종속형모델

High Speed Motor Type Turbo-Blower

Best Quality Products by Samjeong Turbine Corporation
High Speed Motor Type Turbo Blower
  • Performance and energy efficiency are
    both ‘best in class’.

    Samjung Turbine SJT-H series is high-efficiency turbo blower adopting inverter of high speed motor (BLDC) and hybrid bearing.
    It is more efficient than the existing products, and the noise and vibration are less, so you can revolutionize your work environment. In addition, the installation area is small and the air volume control range (30 ~ 100%) is widened, which enables reasonable energy saving.


  • World’s largest airflow range and full range of energy savings
    ‘best in class’

    By controlling the combination of inverter and variable discharge diffuser, the efficiency is high and the air volume range is 30 ~ 100%, and high energy saving effect can be obtained at any point within the control range.
High Speed Motor Type Turbo Blower
Flow Control Range30%40%70%100%
Aerodynamic EfficiencyOver 70~80%Over 80%Over 84%Over 84%
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower
  • Outstanding performance
    Superior compression efficiency
    Patented hybrid bearings maximize aerodynamic efficiency by minimizing the gap between the impeller and shroud. (Air bearings are difficult to minimize gap between impeller and shroud (Tip clearance) due to their characteristics, resulting in loss of 5-9%)


  • Outstanding motor performance
    Patented Technology Simultaneously Cooling the Motor Stator and Rotor Large diameter motor Rotational phase High torque and high efficiency.
    Due to the patented rotor structure, the gap between the stator and the rotor is narrow and the efficiency is high.
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower
  • Customized high efficiency impeller, scroll ‘best in class’
    Unlike conventional standard model production maker, it produces the highest aerodynamic efficiency by making impeller (5-axis machining) and scrolling (casting) according to customer’s specification (Pressure x Flow Rate).
DivisionSamjeong Turbine Corp.Other Companies
Aerodynamic Efficiency82~86%75~79%
System Efficiency72~79%65~70%
Operating Range30~100%70~100%
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower
  • High reliability and durability
    500 times / day on / off test at room temperature (45 ℃), ensuring superior durability in on / off found Balance test and 120% over speed test.
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower 3D Measurement

3D Measurement

High Speed Motor Turbo Blower Balance Test

Balance Test

High Speed Motor Turbo Blower FPI(Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

FPI (Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection)

High Speed Motor Turbo Blower Over Speed Test

Over Speed Test

  • Pleasant Work Environment
    Low Noise Less than 80dB with Integrated Noise-Canceling Case
    There is no vibration, no anchor is needed for installation
  • Cooling System
    No room temperature rise due to air compression method that cools motor with intake air
    No need for additional cooling unit
  • Perfect Oil-Free
    Hybrid bearings provide a complete oil-free system that essentially cuts in contact with air.
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower Specification
TypeModelScrollPower (kw)MagnetFlow Rage (㎥/min)Weight (kg)Size
High Speed Motor Turbo Blower Product Structure

① Casing ② Shroud ③ Scroll ④ PM Motor ⑤ Rotor Assembly
⑥ Impeller ⑦ Diffuser System ⑧ Bearing Housing

      Vertical High Speed ​​Rotor Application

  • The high efficiency of rotor due to narrow gap between rotor and stator due to sag and thermal deformation of high speed rotor –
  • Combined control system with inverter and variable discharge diffuser Turn-Down Ratio: 30 to 100%
Vertical High Speed ​​Rotor Application
  • Diffuser System
    It operates in combination with the inverter to provide a wide range of flow rates, as well as high efficiency over the entire flow range.
  • Patented Diffuser System
    The patented Diffuser System was installed at the back of the impeller to maximize the airflow range by using the check valve and the windshield valve as a substitute for the damping noise.
    – Air flow control range: 30 ~ 100%
Turbo Blower Diffuser System
  • Hybrid Bearing System
    It is suitable for starting, low speed operation, high speed operation, stop, etc., and it supports the load by supporting the bearings of suitable characteristics according to the operation state of the high speed rotator. It has high safety and durability for frequent start / stop operation and long high speed operation
Turbo Blower Hydro Bearing System
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삼정터빈 고속모터형 터보블로워
삼정터빈 고속모터형 터보블로워
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